1. VEDA AUDIT: Athena Calderone, Editor of EYE-SWOON 

    Please introduce yourself: I am Athena Calderone, a visual creature, an interior design and creator and editor of Eye-swoon, a blog dedicated to lifestyle and making things beautiful….specifically geared towards my love of style and food and everything that falls in-between. 

    How do you know VEDA? I first learned of VEDA through Yael & Lyndsey about 3 or 4 years ago and have been swooned ever since.

    Do you have a favorite VEDA piece? Why is she your favorite?! I have two…most recently I bought the most perfect VEDA lace crop top that honestly goes with absolutely everything….I could wear it every day if I could!  

    My Globe shearling jacket is another favorite. It is just perfectly tailored and structured and downright chic….I have been rocking it all winter long hung over my shoulders and I can always put it on to elevate a look!

    If you were a… 

    Movie or TV Show: It’s boring but I am obsessed with Homeland….so smart and engaging and emotional. I also still love Californication….I laugh out loud every episode!  

    Fictional character: Lisbeth Salander, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She’s just too fierce!

    Place: Costa Rica - Surf Trip.

    Artist/Designer/Piece of Art: Lucien Smith - Rain Painting.  Mariah Robertson.

    Song: Obsessing over Rihanna’s new video, Stay.

    Food: Oh boy….anything that is fresh, seasonal, super simple, local, and Mediterranean at its core. Lemon, olive oil, garlic, herbs, spice! Oh 100% Franny’s in Brooklyn, ABC Kitchen, Battersby.

    Animal (Real or Imaginary): A Deer….so strong and delicate at once.